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Greg’s inspirational message applies to people of all ages and backgrounds. While his story remains the same, his presentations are tailored to your audience or event theme.

ARM your group with a life changing opportunity. Be INSPIRED!

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Greg’s Introductory Bio

Greg I just wanted to let you know that you did an excellent job! The presentation was just what we were looking for. Many of the employees commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation. Very inspiring!

“Greg’s presentation was remarkable. Our students were completely in awe of him, his message, and what he has overcome. I cannot think of a better presentation/message to give to middle school students. Many students told the staff this was the best assembly they had ever been to. Greg is an incredible person and his message of overcoming obstacles and perseverance rings loud and clear.”

You are an amazing person with an amazing story. The college brings in a variety of guest speakers and presenters to share their stories, expertise and experiences. I can say beyond a doubt that your presentation was exceptional. Your story and its focus on attitude, resilience and mental toughness struck a chord with our students at a time when they really need it. You have helped us in our efforts to give high school dropouts a second chance.