Ask Greg/FAQ


Why isn’t Makin’ Lemonade a non-profit organization?

There is a lot of criteria required with being a non-profit including having a Board of Directors. We wanted the flexibility to be able to reach and encourage as many people as possible. This includes being adaptable when needed without having to convene a meeting and take a vote.

Why do you accept donations if you are not a non-profit?

Based on feedback, we have started accepting donations to offset the costs incurred in bringing the message of inspiration to organizations and groups that are not otherwise funded.

How much does it cost to have you speak to our organization/group?

Fees vary based on audience, location, and the type of presentation requested.

Are you available to make appearances at events?

Yes I am available to mingle and jingle, based on my schedule.

How far will you travel to give a presentation?

I am available on a national level. I also have a passport and will consider other destinations.


Why do you bat left-handed?

My sophomore year of high school I was having trouble hitting the ball. I went to the eye doctor and was diagnosed with Brown’s syndrome, an eye muscle disorder.’s_syndrome I started batting lefty so I could see one ball, not two (double vision). Started hitting much better!

What’s the hardest thing for you to do physically?


Seriously, cooking a good meal is difficult as most things involve chopping or cutting something, or lifting a big pan with two hands.

Do you remember anything from when you were in a coma?

No I don’t remember anything from when I was in a coma. Actually I don’t remember much the first few weeks after I regained consciousness.

Were you right handed?

Yes, and I still am! I did have a lot of nerve damage to my right hand though as well as a fracture. It took a long time to get it working again!