HAND – Helpful Actions Never Die

Donate blood to give a handLaunching the “Give a HAND” Initiative

Give a HAND (Helpful Actions Never Die) is an awareness initiative for the promotion of social good; for people to connect with and be kinder to one another.

In this age of social media we may have 817 Facebook friends but not even know our neighbors. Perhaps one is a Korean or Vietnam veteran that sits lonely at home longing for a conversation. Or how often have you been in a public place and noticed that people do not even hold the door for each other? Do I dare mention our lack of driving courtesies? We all seem to be in such a hurry and so self-absorbed, for what?

Studies show that doing good deeds can create a “helpers high” which lowers stress and can lead to a longer and happier life, proving the old adage, “It’s better to give than to receive!”

There are different levels of helpful actions:

  • Level I actions can be done throughout the day at no cost to you; hold a door, assist someone with a heavy/awkward package, pay a sincere compliment (i.e. someone doing a great job).
  • Level II actions could be donating blood, paying for someone’s coffee or lunch (unbeknownst to them), giving the remaining balance on your restaurant gift card to someone sitting next to you that perhaps comes on a regular basis, bringing a home cooked meal to your shut-in neighbor.
  • Level III actions take more time and planning; doing an elderly neighbor’s yard work, taking a disabled veteran to a doctor’s appointment or grocery store (if they’re unable to drive). These same things can be done for a neighbor that’s battling an illness or injury. Contact your local town VA agent, the DAV or VFW, or the American Cancer Society to see who could use a HAND.

There are many small ways YOU can make a difference. Do what you can with what you have. Challenge yourself to do more each day! We’d like to hear what you are doing to “Give a HAND”.

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CAUTION: Giving a HAND can become addictive!