Ask Greg/FAQ


Why do you bat left-handed?

My sophomore year of high school I was having trouble hitting the ball. I went to the eye doctor and was diagnosed with Brown’s syndrome, an eye muscle disorder.’s_syndrome I started batting lefty so I could see one ball, not two (double vision). Started hitting much better!

What’s the hardest thing for you to do physically?


Seriously, cooking a good meal is difficult as most things involve chopping or cutting something, or lifting a big pan with two hands.

Do you remember anything from when you were in a coma?

No I don’t remember anything from when I was in a coma. Actually I don’t remember much the first few weeks after I regained consciousness.

Were you right handed?

Yes, and I still am! I did have a lot of nerve damage to my right hand though as well as a fracture. It took a long time to get it working again!